Academics & Course Offerings


The Humanities department delivers a rich, thought provoking curriculum that is culturally relevant and explores topics such as the Civil Right Movement, The Harlem Renaissance, The Justice System, Immigration, and many more. Through a variety of teaching styles, the scholars engage in rigorous classroom discussions, debates and writing activities that touch on these historical topics while infusing the English Language Arts common core stands in every lesson.

In addition, students engage in a supplementary technology-based curriculum three times per week, which provides lessons at their independent reading levels.

Mathematics, Pre-Algebra & Algebra I:

Kiara L. wins 2nd place in the district-wide Oratory Competition

We engage our students in grade-level, as well as college-and-career-ready mathematics standards. Our students do this by justifying claims, sharing their thinking, responding to the thinking of others, and solving carefully-selected problems that connect to their world and advance their thinking. 

Given the recent migration to remote and hybrid learning, we are focusing on the depth of instruction rather than the pace. Moreover, at a time when social-emotional wellbeing, agency, and engagement are more important than ever, we, as a department, are working to instill academic character and motivation in our students as fundamental learning habits.


Students engage in a scaffolded curriculum centered on life science, physical science and earth science. Students complete a commencement assessment and participate in a comprehensive health  program in the 8th grade. All students participate in the school-wide science fair and develop innovative projects pertaining to real-world issues.


Through our partnership with Stimulating Minds through Entrepreneurship and Leadership (SMEL, students engage in a comprehensive curriculum with a focus on business management. Students learn about generating ideas, building prototypes and making a profit!